Why we may never want to use this technology

A man gets ready to teleport in the movie “The Fly” from 20th Century Fox.

The truth is that teleportation already exists. It was theorized in a 1935 paper written by Einstein and two of his colleagues, Podolsky and Rosen. It was later proven in experiments during the 1990’s. For decades we have known that it is possible, at the quantum level, to teleport particles…

Nuclear Salt Water Rockets move at a fraction of the speed of light


One element with two very different outcomes. In one scenario it could devastate our civilization, crumbling once great cities and natural vistas to an ashen and radioactive ruin. But in another it works to do just the opposite. Inside aerospace engineer Robert Zubrin’s Nuclear Salt Water Rocket (NSWR), uranium…

Small Modular Reactors have been called the future of nuclear

Rendering of a Small Modular Reactor. Image by NuScale.

The irony of nuclear power is that despite it being one of the safest forms of energy available, its use has declined over the years in no small part due to public concern. Very few accidents have ever taken place at nuclear power plants. Yet when they do the results…

So why did we ignore the Viking experiments?

It’s a curious story. A test sent to Mars during the 1976 Viking missions revealed positive signs of life. The test was duplicated on a different part of the Martian surface using several different strong controls. Having been carefully formulated by a group of scientists, the experiment itself was to…

Separate advancements have both revealed promising leaps forward for fusion energy

This high temperature superconducting magnet was designed by Commonwealth Fusion Systems and MIT. It is the most powerful fusion magnet in the world. Image by Gretchen Ertl, CFS/MIT-PSFC.

In the future — when the twinkling electrical cities of the world are powered in large part by fusion energy — we will ask ourselves at which moment we first thought fusion could become a reality. We have dreamt of it, toiled with it, argued about whether or not it…

Accelerate to near the speed of light, no propellant required

In the deep space adventure world of Star Trek, high-tech ships are propelled forward with incredible efficiency by utilizing something known as an “impulse drive”. This drive allows them to travel at speeds approaching — but never quite reaching — the speed of light. Intrepid crew members travel between planets…

My experience with the Mexican drug cartel

In Mexico there is a saying: “If a scorpion stings a person and that person dies, they were good of heart. But if it’s the scorpion that dies, then the person was more wicked and venomous at heart than the scorpion could ever be.”

When my aunt first told me…

Ella Alderson

Astrophysics student, writer for over a decade. A passion for language and the unexplored universe. I aim to marry poetry and science. ella.aldrsn@gmail.com

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